The Pier B project is vital to keep the Port of Long Beach competitive and meet environmental goals outlined in the 2017 Update of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan. The project would provide more track space to connect smaller train segments coming from container cargo terminals, allowing the Port to enhance the use of on-dock rail. Moving more cargo by on-dock rail minimizes the number of trucks on the road, easing traffic and curtailing emissions.


The Pier B On-Dock Rail Support Facility Project proposes to: 

  • Improve roadway traffic flow to enhance motorist and rail safety by eliminating the existing railroad crossing at the 9th Street and Pico Avenue intersection. 
  • Reconfigure existing tracks and add additional tracks to allow trains up to 10,000 feet long to directly connect to the on-dock rail facilities and the Alameda Corridor railway. 
  • Potentially acquire additional land to the north of the Pier B rail facility (as far as 12th Street, but south of Anaheim Street in West Long Beach) to provide for additional rail car storage and staging. Other small parcels located in the vicinity of the Alameda Corridor to Ocean Boulevard may also be acquired. 
  • Potentially remove the ramps connecting 9th Street and the Shoemaker Bridge.

The existing Pier B rail facility serves as a storage and staging area for trains and is a critical juncture in the Port’s rail network. The facility is primarily used by Pacific Harbor Line (PHL), which provides rail dispatching and switching services. PHL has been recognized as America’s “greenest” railroad for converting its fleet to clean diesel locomotives that dramatically reduce pollution and save fuel.

The project will allow trains up to 10,000 feet long to be loaded and unloaded at on-dock rail facilities at marine terminals to streamline rail operations, remove bottlenecks, and reduce the need for local truck trips.

For more information about the Pier B Project, visit the project website


Key Takeaway

March 20, 2018
5 PM, Long Beach City Hall

The Long Beach City Council considered two appeals to the approved Pier B EIR. FuturePorts members attended and spoke on behalf of the project. The Council unanimously rejected the appeals. We will keep you updated on future action regarding this project.